Campaign Progress

Our Public Campaign Begins March 25, 2023!

Our Current Progress

On February 28, 2023 we inform all about this incredible project! Starting March 25, 2023, we will launch our $500,000 public campaign milestones right here. Together, we can make the Treehouse a reality and improve the lives of countless children and families in our community. Check back often to stay informed and see the impact of your support!

$465,000 / $500,000 93%

Check back for future progress updates!

The Treehouse

Our Goal

Above all, our goal is to make a comfortable place to stay for those who need it most. Our total goal for the project is $2.5 million with funding coming from many different donors and granting organizations! Our public campaign goal launches on March 25, 2023, of $500,000!

As we continue with our capital campaign, we are aiming to improve the facility through increased occupancy needs, enhanced programming, renovated community spaces, and reimagine the guest experience to allow for families to reserve accommodations in a timely manner without having to wait for a phone call to confirm availability.


It’s not just The TreeHouse, it’s a Tree “Home” for those who need the comfort of home the most.