Rules & Regulations

Smoking and tobacco products are prohibited on the entire Liberty Hospital campus, including the TreeHouse.

Guests will obey all federal and state laws while on the premise. Illegal drugs, other controlled substances and weapons are prohibited in or around the TreeHouse.

Guests are to be courteous and polite to other guests, staff, and visitors.

Noise levels should be kept to a minimum, especially during quiet hours. Quiet hours start at 10:30 PM and end at 7:00 AM.

Guests need to clean common areas after use.

Supervision of children is the responsibility of the guest. Babysitting services are not provided. Children 15 years of age and under must be supervised at all times.

Guests should notify staff of any change in room occupancy before bringing anyone into the house whose name does not appear on the registration card.

Fare exits are to be used only in an emergency, as doors lock when exiting. Guests are to read and be familiar with house policies regarding smoke, fire, severe weather, and power outages, which are located in the guest room directory in each room.

Lost keys should be immediately reported to the staff or volunteer. Guests will be required to make a deposit for a new key.

House telephones and the front door are to be answered only by staff or volunteers.

Eating and drinking is restricted to the kitchen and dining areas of the house (with the exception of water.)

Guests will share a room with all family and friends associated with the patient. If a guest needs to return home for a night, please check out as a guest. Assuming guests abide by all rules, guests may stay in the house as long as their family member is a patient at Liberty Hospital.

Shorts, robes, and shoes or slippers must be worn in all common areas of the house.

Guests must be independent and be able to care for their own personal needs including transportation.

Except for service animals, pets are not permitted.

Service Animal Guidelines

  • Visitors/Patients with service animals will be given normal public access to all areas of the TreeHouse.
  • Animals must be accompanied by a handler at all times and must be kept on a leash. Supervision by the designated handler should include any necessary care and cleanup.
  • Animals must be clean, well groomed and free of signs and symptoms of infection or parasite infestation during your stay.
  • Questions or concerns regarding service animal guidelines should be referred to the resident or on duty staff.

Please use the “in and out” sheet in the office area when leaving or returning to the TreeHouse.

For the protection of our volunteers and other guests, please inform us if you are experiencing any illness.

Guests are responsible for their visitors. Visitors are to obey all house rules. No more than four visitors per room at one time. Visitors are prohibited after 10;00 PM