the branching out campaign

Campaign Scope

Our Mission is to provide serenity and peace for families facing difficult times.

Measurable Accomplishments

Not just overnight stays – the renovated TreeHouse will have respite rooms where patients can take a nap, shower, cook a meal, and feel at home away from home.

Increase Occupancy

The national average occupancy rate for Hospitality houses is currently 75%. Our goal is to achieve 75% occupancy by 2028.

Enhance Programming

Increase access to community education and training opportunities that focus on mental health, first-aid, adolescent mental health, heart health, and a general healthy living series.

Create Community Spaces

TreeHouse renovations and improvements will increase usable space, which will foster more community and hospital involvement. These changes will create opportunities to engage more with our community, increase key partnerships, and bolster in-kind donations.

Upgrade the Guest Experience

New technology throughout the home will allow for guests/families to reserve accommodations in a timely manner and will no longer require guests to wait for a phone call to confirm availability.

The Treehouse

Our Goal

Above all, our goal is to make a comfortable place to stay for those who need it most.

As we continue with our capital campaign, we are aiming to improve the facility through increased occupancy needs, enhanced programming, renovated community spaces, and reimagine the guest experience to allow for families to reserve accommodations in a timely manner without having to wait for a phone call to confirm availability.

I encouraged my father to have his surgery here at Liberty, because the TreeHouse had amenities available that I did not have in my home. Knowing that he would be able to heal in a safe and comfortable place with his rehabilitation appointments so close was a no-brainer.


The new Patient Resource Room, the first in the Northland, will be a life-saver for so many women in our Community.



It’s not just The TreeHouse, it’s a Tree “Home” for those who need the comfort of home the most.