The TreeHouse at Liberty Hospital

Our Mission is to provide serenity and peace for families facing difficult times

The Treehouse

Care with the
Comfort of Home

A Short Story About Us

Since 2005, the TreeHouse has acted as a “home away from home” and has met the housing needs of patients and their families coming to Liberty Hospital for specialized medical care. To date, the TreeHouse has provided accommodations for over 46,000 guests.

The TreeHouse is open to guests from the Liberty area as well as from cities and towns further away. Guests often travel an hour or more to receive medical care, as Saint Luke’s Health System and the University of Missouri Medical Center frequently refer their patients to Liberty Hospital to receive such specialized care that is unavailable in their hometown.

Guests are able to better focus on their family member’s healing process when they do not have to worry about the added stress of finding somewhere comfortable to stay.

Although the TreeHouse is still high-functioning, it is time for refreshment and renovation of the property to allow for continued functionality for the next twenty years. We need your help doing just that.

We would like to ask you to consider partnering with us to provide necessary updates which would ensure that patient and guest safety, comfort, and healing continue at the TreeHouse.

Your partnership and gift will enable us to update the living spaces and provide all the comforts of home for families coping with medical concerns of their loved ones.


What We’re Doing

a guest experience-reimagined

Through various technologies, we are planning on giving our guests the at-home experience while they are at Liberty Hospital.

Residence Upgrades

We are planning on upgrading several elements of our TreeHouse to better serve our guests such as HVAC, lighting, and energy systems to ensure safety and efficiency.

Naming Opportunities

Through this campaign, there will be several ways to make an impact and leave a legacy. We offer opportunities that do just that.

The Treehouse

Our Goal

Above all, our goal is to make a comfortable place to stay for those who need it most.

As we continue with our capital campaign, we are aiming to improve the facility through increased occupancy needs, enhanced programming, renovated community spaces, and re-imagining the guest experience to allow for families to reserve accommodations in a timely manner without having to wait for a phone call to confirm availability.


It’s not just The TreeHouse, it’s a Tree “Home” for those who need the comfort of home the most.