Branching out.

Liberty Hospital Foundation is Branching Out with a $6.6 million expansion of our TreeHouse and Walking Trail to enhance how we serve our community. Since 2005, this home-away-from-home has been meeting the housing needs of patients and their families coming to Liberty Hospital for specialized medical care. To date, the TreeHouse has accommodated over 46,000 guests. Guests who stay at the TreeHouse often travel an hour or more to receive medical care. Saint Luke’s Health System and the University of Missouri Medical Center often refer their patients to Liberty Hospital, to receive such specialized care not available in their hometown. Not having to worry about where to stay allows guests to focus on their family member’s healing process. Although the TreeHouse is still high-functioning, it is time to refresh and renovate the property – and we need your help to do that.

The Future of the TreeHouse and Walking Trail

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