Liberty Hospital’s Power Couple and Kyleigh’s Gift’s Impact

Addison and Autumn Hennrich have been working at Liberty Hospital for many years. After Addison and Autumn met at William Jewell, Addison started working for Liberty Hospital right after he graduated. “At first,” said Addison, “I worked here because it was an easy commute during nursing school at William Jewell to work here. But then, the relationships started forming. My boss at the time when I was a staff nurse was able to mentor me. I told him about my career goals, and he taught me how to do the things required so that when a job opened, I was already trained and ready.” Soon after, Autumn started working with the Hospital after knowing how wonderful Addison’s experience was. “The community feel that you have here is incredible. As a young professional and recent college grad at the time, I had opportunity to gain leadership experience quickly here at a younger age,” said Autumn. Addison is currently the House Manager and Autumn is a PRN in Surgery. These days, Autumn is grateful for the flexibility that Liberty Hospital is able to help with in her career.

Axel with a Kyleigh’s Gift Sleep Sack

“After we had our son,” Autumn said, “it was nice to take more time at home and still be able to work part-time.” Before working PRN, Autumn was the Operating Room (OR) Manager for almost four years. Two years ago, Addison and Autumn had their son Axel at the Liberty Hospital Birthing Center. Dr. Ohlhausen checked in Autumn six weeks earlier than expected with Pre-Eclampsia, and Axel had a two week stay in the NICU. “Kyleigh’s Gift was a huge help for us,” said Addison. “We were able to use meal vouchers while he was here receiving care,” said Autumn. Addison and Autumn also loved being able to take home a Kyleigh’s Gift Sleep Sack, and join in for the Kleigh’s Gift Walk every year to support the program. Kyleigh’s Gift through the Liberty Hospital Foundation supports community members like Addison and Autumn through providing resources, support, and supplies for our Hospital’s tiniest patients.

More About Addison and Autumn

Addison and Autumn both have very different roles at Liberty Hospital. As the House Manager, Addison works on placing patients in the correct place for their exact situation. “We want the patient to go to the right floor right away to get the best possible and most accurate care,” said Addison. The House Supervisors also report to Addison. “On the weekend,” Addison said, “they act as the highest-ranking official in the building to deal with patient throughput, patient issues, complaints, work on staffing for shifts, assist with calls all day, they are dietary aids… you name it! It’s a hard job.” Addison started as a float pool nurse on the night shift. Then he managed the cardiology area, was a House Supervisor at one point, and that led him to his current role.

Addison and Autumn

“While Addison has mostly been with the in-patient side, I have focused on the procedural aspect of patient care,” explained Autumn. Autumn’s primary role is with the OR. While a large part of Autumn’s patient care is behind the scenes, she loves the work that she does. Especially, she noted, her co-workers; they always throw fun celebrations and build relationships as a team. Addison’s favorite memory is regarding a patient who had COVID-19 during the pandemic who he now regularly sees out and about. In 2020, once this patient was released, Addison noticed he started seeing him at the gym and a local church living his fullest life, “it’s rewarding to have that impact on someone’s life and in the community where I regularly see amazing patients like this.”

Working Together

Addison laughed, “I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t know anything about what she does for her job! It’s like polar opposites.” Addison and Autumn have been working together at Liberty since 2019, and got married in the same month. At work, Addison and Autumn usually don’t cross paths much, but they love being able to eat lunch together and help each other when their roles do overlap. They say it is interesting when placing patients sometimes both of their areas of expertise overlap and create synergy providing amazing patient care.

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