Question: Tell us a little bit about yourself

Answer:  “I kicked off my recruiting career here at Liberty Hospital in 2018.  I started off as a clinical recruiter.  I was in that role for about three years.  I am now in the Talent Sourcing Strategist role.  In this role, I get to partner with so many subject matter experts across the hospital. Primarily, my goal is to develop and elevate applicant flow across Liberty Hospital.  We do that in a variety of ways with our job postings, school partnerships, talent pipeline programs, attending career fairs, social media, and working with our Marketing team.   Although I recruit for many different roles, recruiting for the graduate nursing program is one of my favorites. New Graduate Nurses come with so much energy and excitement. It’s great being able to walk on that journey with them from interviewing, extending the offer, to hearing their excitement when they passed their state boards.

I also get the opportunity to work on student talent programs with the Director of Academic Partnerships, Jacklyn Gentry. We recently hosted Medical Careers Day where 90 students from the Liberty Public Schools were introduced to careers in health care.  This event is aimed at getting their wheels spinning about the possibilities of health care careers.”

Question: What types of careers does it take to run a hospital?  

Answer: “It takes so many professions and departments to keep a hospital running both clinical and non-clinical roles. Many times, when people think of healthcare careers they automatically think of a Dr. or a Nurse. People don’t always think about the hidden careers in healthcare such as Respiratory Therapist, Surgical Techs, Diagnostic Imaging, Healthcare IT, or BioMed. While some of these roles may not provide direct patient care, they assist the caregivers in providing that care directly to patients. I think this is where we have a real opportunity for education on these roles in healthcare and assist in bringing awareness.”

Question: What does HR help the Hospital with beyond talent sourcing?

Answer: “Human Resources really is a complete resource for our employees here at Liberty Hospital. HR not only recruits talent but they on-board employees, facilitate orientation, provide leadership and talent development programs. We also have our own benefit and leave of absence specialist. Employee Engagement is also a focus in HR. We just finished our Employee Engagement Survey. We use that feedback to listen to what our employees are telling us and try to make changes accordingly.”

Question: Talk about how recruiting styles have changed in recent times?

Answer: ““Recruiting has been really exciting. I started in 2018 through the pandemic and now into our post-pandemic era. I think that we are looking at transferrable skills when recruiting new individuals in this industry. Recruiting styles have changed significantly as well. There’s a lot more education involved in what it means to be a health care professional. My philosophy in recruiting has changed because gone are the days where one person may check all the boxes right away. I am coaching a lot of individuals on how to get the skills to be where they want to be. Previous styles of recruiting are monitoring job postings and waiting for individuals to apply. Now, we work in ‘active sourcing’ to seek out talent with skills that would transfer well to some of our open positions.” Jamie works to make sure that Liberty Hospital spends efforts being proactive instead of reactive in today’s health care market.”

Question: What are ways that health care is changing from your experience talking with new talent?  What are they looking for in a health care career?

Answer: “I think individuals want access to information and they want it to be quick and easy. Many times, I get direct phone calls from interested candidates before I get an application because they want to know more about the role before taking the time to fill out an actual application. I think people are still going into healthcare with a heart of wanting to help people. I think candidates want to know about career development and how we can assist them in achieving that goal. Overall, I think people want a supportive team and an environment that they can learn and grow in.”

Question: What makes Liberty Hospital a great place to work?

Answer: ““Being at Liberty Hospital allows me to work with great people helping me to make a positive impact on the community. The people at liberty hospital have allowed me to learn and grow in my career. It is an exciting time to be an employee at the hospital. We have grown so much in the Northland, and I feel there are many more exciting things to come!”

Question: How has the Foundation been able to support employees that you work with here at the Hospital?

Answer: “The Foundation’s support this year especially has been absolutely fantastic.  I feel like any time there has been a chance for sponsorship, donations for employee voice committee engagement events, facilitating groups during Medical Careers Day, the Foundation has been there.  There’s such an open-door policy.  I know I can always come here and get assistance with employee initiatives.”  Jamie also talked about how the Foundation helps with the Stocksdale education grants to further the careers of employees here at the Hospital.  Thank you to our donors and board members who help fund the continuing education of our employees.  It makes all the difference in retaining top talent!”

Thank you for all that you do for the Hospital and Liberty community, Jamie!