On a bustling Friday morning at Liberty Hospital’s Birthing Center, Rodger and Leann Weller held a framed photo of their daughter, Kyleigh Elizabeth Weller.

Kyleigh passed away at birth on April 5, 2012. The Weller family created Kyleigh’s Gift Fund as a way to not only keep Kyleigh’s memory alive, but to recognize the loving care and support that they have and continue to receive from Liberty Hospital Birthing Center doctors, nurses and staff.
Gathered with Kyleigh’s parents were members of Foundation staff, Birthing Center Nurses and Hospital team members. Rev. Dr. Carmen Lile-Henley, representing the Hospital Chaplaincy led the group in the Caring Cradle dedication.

The Caring Cradle will be provided to families who have experienced the loss of a baby, allowing for a dignified means for parents and families to spend more time with a baby who has passed. The Caring Cradle provides Hospital staff with a tool to allow an appropriate atmosphere for parents to say a proper goodbye to their baby.

In the midst of the worst experience of our lives, the doctors and nurses at Liberty Hospital Birthing Center did absolutely everything they could to help us. One thing they couldn’t do was give us more time with Kyleigh. Had there been a Caring Cradle, she could have stayed in our room for several hours, up to three days even, after her death. When a Caring Cradle is used, family and friends are able to see the baby, parents are given more opportunities to hold, snuggle and sing to their baby, there is more time for photographs to be taken. We hope that the addition of the Caring Cradle gives families the gift of time to create precious memories with their baby while enduring the heartache of losing their child.
– Leann Weller, Kyleigh’s Mom

The Caring Cradle Dedication

May this cradle be blessed to provide families with time for grief, closure and healing in times of loss and sorrow.

May families whose hopes, dreams and expectations have been changed by the death of their children find moments of peace and comfort in the midst of their pain.

May this cradle be a reminder of the compassion of those who have made it possible for families to spend time together with dignity and respect.

May the staff find blessing and purpose in their work of caring for those who are suffering, knowing that this cradle is a part of the healing process.

May all whose babies rest in this cradle be reminded that the One who gives life loves us all with an everlasting love.

May all who provide care for grieving families be blessed, as we affirm that life is sacred, held in the Creator’s never-ending embrace.

May we honor those who will be blessed by this cradle and be open to their needs and their journey, as we all participate in the mystery of life and death.

We are grateful for this cradle of care, and dedicate it and ourselves to the ongoing work of healing and hope.

–Rev. Dr. Carmen Lile-Henley – 2018