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By participating in the Employee Giving, Liberty Hospital employees support special projects with their contributions to the Hospital community. All funds will go toward furthering the mission of Liberty Hospital and supporting its patients and staff. Through your contributions, we partner together to continue improving lives and strengthening our community by providing exceptional healthcare.

Employee Giving F.A.Q.’s

Why should I give to the Liberty Hospital, so many other charities are in need?

As a public hospital, Liberty Hospital relies on the generosity of donors to continue providing outstanding healthcare to our community. Your gift demonstrates your belief in the mission and values of your employer which speaks volumes to the patients and community.

I already work at the hospital, why should I also make a financial contribution?

Your gift helps strengthen the programs and services that are available to staff and community through the hospital. These programs help meet the needs of our patients, friends, families, neighbors and co-workers.

If I am already enrolled in payroll deduction, how can I make changes?

To change your giving level, please email the Foundation, or fill out a new form below to make your updates.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! The Liberty Hospital Foundation is a non-profit organization so your donation is fully tax deductible. If you give through recurring payroll deductions, it will also be reflected on your bi-weekly paystub.

How will my donation be recognized?

Donors will be recognized on the Liberty Hospital Foundation website, in PIE, and in the Foundation annual report.

How do I donate?

Easy! Fill out the form below through payroll deduction, PDO hours, or make a one-time gift.