As we enter the second quarter of our fiscal year, we wanted to share some important updates with you and thank you for your continued support.  Your gifts have helped Foundation programs make a life-changing impact for over 1,180 people in just the past three months.  Please take a few moments to read just how your gifts have helped so many in the Liberty Hospital community.

Patient Assistance
In the past three months, the Foundation’s medication assistance program has saved patients in need $29,733 in medication costs
– 150 patients received transportation to and from appointments
– 64 patients received assistance with essential medications
– 2 patients received a Cardiac Rehab scholarship
– 1 patient received a mammogram
– 9 patients received durable medical equipment such as walkers, canes and/or wheelchairs
-25 uninsured Liberty Public School students received care/medications through Liberty Hospital Urgent Care

– 21 volunteers provided over 58 hours of service saving the Foundation approximately $1,655.32  in staffing costs ($28.54/hour)
If you would like to volunteer for the Foundation, fill out this online form and let us know.  We have a volunteer role for everyone!

Professional Education
– 35 Hospital Employees received Stocksdale Family Educational Assistance funds toward coursework that leads to a degree or licensure/certification
– 1 Hospital employee received the Thomann Financial Services, Inc. scholarship that supports advanced degrees such as MSN and MBA

COVID-19 Relief
– 72 Care Packages have been delivered to our Liberty Hospital frontline workers since July, 2021

– Since July, 235 guests utilized the TreeHouse as a ‘home away from home’

Hughes Family Assistance Fund
– 1 employee received assistance with a Liberty Hospital medical bill

Mental Health First Aid
– 12 Hospital Security Guards participated in a skills-base Mental Health First Aid training course providing them education needed to identify, understand and respond to mental health and substance abuse challenges

Kyleigh’s Gift
Over 425 new families received SleepSacks for their newborn baby. Kyleigh’s Gift also provided:
– 84 meal vouchers for families with babies in the NICU
– 3 families received bereavement support and utilized our Caring Cradle when facing a full-term loss
– 22 miscarriage care packages were given to women across Liberty Hospital
– 7,500 diapers  were distributed to 100 families in need
– 3 families received assistance with necessary items such as car seats, pack-n-plays, breast pumps and formula