Reflecting on the past year, I know I am not alone in feeling heartache. COVID-19 has affected our lives in many ways, from minor inconveniences to tragic loss and the emotional spectrum from frustration to fear. Our community is not immune to the ripple effects of the pandemic, as we have seen increased need across the range of our programs – more crises faced by our frontline staff and more complex needs from a growing number of vulnerable patient families.

When facing heartache, I remind myself of a Theodore Roosevelt quote: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” That gives me hope. I see staff all around Liberty Hospital living those words every day, selflessly and tirelessly. I have hope because I have the honor and privilege of witnessing how donors like you do the same and change lives with your generosity, including these:

• 1,110 guests stayed at the TreeHouse as a caregiver or patient during treatment

• 986 qualified patients provided with life-sustaining medications, therapies, and long-term care support through Patient Assistance

• 557 staff across 21 different departments received resilience training

• 1,688 care packages delivered to Liberty Hospital frontline workers to show appreciation

On behalf of the 7,133 people you reached last year through your gifts of time and treasure, thank you. By doing what you can, with what
you have, here in our community, you are furthering our mission of improving health, wellness, and care for all.

Please take some time to review our 2021 annual report and learn more about the impact your giving has had upon our community.