Liberty Hospital Foundation Leaders attend annual Gala.

Liberty Hospital Foundation Board of Directors Call for Nominations

The Liberty Hospital Foundation Committee on Trustees is open for nominations for board members for the FY 2024-2025!

Do you know someone interested in helping improve the health, education, wellness, and care in the Kansas City Northland, surrounding area, and Liberty Hospital Community?

Do you know someone who has is looking to get involved locally to help their fellow neighbor?

Do you know someone who knows the incredible people and places and organizations of Kansas City? Someone who wants to contribute to meaningful conversations about topics and their local relevance?

Do you know someone who cares deeply about informed civil discourse and skills like active listening, critical thinking, empathy, and media literacy?

Do you know someone who values cultural enrichment through events, fun, philanthropy, and more?

Are you, perhaps, that person? We’d love to hear from you!

Past President Kari Jo Thomann Bear is the Chair of the Committee on Trustees and is the second person in her family to serve as President of the Foundation.

Call for Nominations

The Liberty Hospital Foundation is currently accepting nominations for its 2023 Board of Directors as members of the Regional Advisory Council. Self-nominations are highly encouraged by community members wanting to join the RAC. Nomination Forms must be received by Monday, May 10, 2024.

All submitted nominations are reviewed by the Committee on Trustees, and successful candidates are contacted by the committee to be considered for approval by the full board. The selection of the best candidates is driven by the desire to ensure that the board is composed of diverse, engaged members who bring a range of essential skills and experiences and reflect the organization’s international focus.

We are looking for board members who represent our greater community and share our passion for discussing perspectives, exploring local topics, and improving the health, education, wellness, and care in our community.

Qualifications for Regional Advisory Council:

The Regional Advisory Council are persons whose position of influence in the community and region can positively affect the purpose of the Foundation and who wish to become better acquainted with the work of the Foundation may be nominated and elected to serve a two-year term as members of the Regional Advisory Council upon studied recommendation of the Committee on Trustees. Members shall be eligible for re-election. Such members may attend Regular Board meetings but shall serve without vote. Such members may volunteer to serve on committees and would participate with full privileges.

Additional Qualifications

  • Personal passion for helping others in their community.
  • Demonstrated passion for the values of the Liberty Hospital Foundation.
  • A willingness to serve as a leader
  • Fundraising or grant-writing experience
  • You will be asked to acknowledge the following:
  • I have read to and will give my full support to the Mission of the Liberty Hospital Foundation
  • I commit to the attend Board Training in the first year
  • I promise to represent the Liberty Hospital Foundation as a spokesperson and convey our goals to the community.
  • I will attend six board meetings annually, in person or virtual usually the 4th Thursday every other month. Schedule for 2023-2024 still being developed
  • I will actively participate on a Foundation committee and make concerted efforts to bring new and innovative ideas to the table
  • I will attend and/or volunteer at two Foundation events annually
  • I will work to donate or raise $1,000 annually for the Foundation
  • I commit to the Regional Advisory Committee for two years
  • I will recuse myself if I see a conflict of interest arise in Board and Committee Discussions
  • If I do not fulfill my duties as a member of the board, the President of the board may contact me to discuss future participation.

NOTE: Every RAC member will serve one two-year term, and at that time, the aforementioned criteria will be evaluated for our slate onto the Board of Trustees.

Application Process

Please email your nomination electronically no later than Monday, May 10, to via this form:

Charlie Hughes has served the Foundation in many capacities over the years, currently he serves as an Honorary Trustee.

About our Voting Member Trustees:

After serving for a minimum of 1 (one) year as an RAC member or completing a full two (2) year term, members may be nominated on a slate of persons for the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees shall consist of a maximum of twenty-two (22) voting members and must have served one term as a member of the Regional Advisory Council. Board of Trustees shall be elected at the meeting preceding the annual meeting. Trustees shall be voted on individually by written ballot of Trustees.

Candidates must be qualified, interested in, concerned for, committed to and strong advocates for the generous and continuous private sector support for the Liberty Hospital through the Foundation. Special consideration shall be given to the capability of each candidate to provide, procure and/or to assist in the acquisition and management of resources sought, acquired and/or given to the Foundation. All candidates nominated by the Committee on Trustees shall be thoroughly studied by that Committee before being proposed for regular board membership. Board members are encouraged to nominate potential trustees by presenting their names in writing to the Committee on Trustees. These nominations should occur prior to May 1. Candidates for regular membership shall have served as a member of the Regional Advisory Board for at least one year or have been a Regular Board member in the past.


About the Liberty Hospital Foundation

The Liberty Hospital Foundation supports patients, individuals, families, and employees in the Liberty Hospital community by creating, funding, and promoting programs that improve health, education, wellness, and care.

We do so by:

  • Creating a place like home for patients and their families through the TreeHouse
  • Being there for Employees in tough times through the Hughes Family Assistance Program
  • Offering programs and resources to promote infant wellness and provides parental support through Kyleigh’s Gift
  • Investing in future leaders through Professional Education Funds
  • Providing care for all through our Patient Assistance Program

Learn more about the Foundation on our website at