Kyleigh’s Gift gives the gift of time to Castledine family 

Jason and Megan Castledine didn’t expect to be expecting. Nor did they expect to learn they were having twins. But after their final attempt with fertility treatments, the news was welcomed with surprise and excitement.

For a few days in October 2017, Megan took up residence in the Liberty Hospital Birthing Center while on prescribed bedrest and medication to attempt to slow her labor. Soon twins Logan and Claire were born and whisked away to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

“I can only rave about the care the twins and I received,” Megan said. “The hospital staff was more like family than a team of nurses. They were with the babies and me every step of the way.” 

During the 26 days while the babies were in the NICU, Megan was able to stay at the hospital to be near her babies every day and breastfeed them. To help her during this time, the Kyleigh’s Gift Fund through the Liberty Hospital Foundation provided her with meal vouchers.

“It was so amazing to be able to stay at the hospital and not have to worry about the expense of meals,” Megan said. “The NICU meal vouchers helped me concentrate on keeping Logan and Claire healthy and fed. I never had to miss a feeding. It truly was a gift of time — more time with my newborns.”

Rodger and Leann Weller created Kyleigh’s Gift after the passing of their daughter, Kyleigh Elizabeth, in 2012. In addition to NICU vouchers, Kyleigh’s Gift provides Sleepsacks for every baby born at Liberty Hospital,  miscarriage care packages and memory boxes for families who experience infant loss.

“It was bittersweet the day we got to go home,” Megan said. “We were beyond grateful for the amazing care the twins received and the time  provided to bond with Claire and Logan and we knew we wanted to give back more than a thank you note.”

Jason and Megan decided the best way to give back was to support the Kyleigh’s Gift Fund — the very fund that had provided for them during their NICU stay. Team Castledine formed and participated in the 5th Annual  Kyleigh’s Gift Run/Walk in October 2018. The event raised over $30,000 — the most ever — for the fund.

“I was a runner before learning about the Kyleigh’s Gift Run, so this was the perfect way for us to give back,” she said.  “Kyleigh’s Gift was just that — a gift to our family.”

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