Question: Tell us a little bit about yourself

Answer: “I have worked for Liberty Hospital for 26 years.  I started out as a nurse tech, in my last year of nursing school.  Then, I worked in orthopedics and pediatrics.  Then I was a supervisor for cardiology and mother baby, which, I never thought I would do in nursing school!  My career has taken me into many interesting fields.  When I went to the Liberty Clinic eight years ago, it was a welcome change and allowed quite a bit of growth for me.”

Question: How does The Liberty Clinic and Liberty Hospital Work Together?

Answer: “We work with internal medicine, family practice, and pediatrics.  We have 15 providers, who average more than 300 patients per day.  We provide for patients in all stages in life, and that’s such a special thing to see patients grow with us.  We do refer quite a few patients to the Hospital who need specialty services.  We have a symbiotic relationship in that way!  We do also have some doctors who do round over at the Hospital as well!

Question: What are The Liberty Clinic’s services?

Answer: Primary medicine is our most common.  We do also work with sports medicine; some of our physicians work with the local schools to provide physicals and attend the surrounding school district’s sporting events as well.  This helps with injury prevention.”  Leslie was particularly proud of how the physicians are all stewards of the community and fit the needs of patients from all over.

Question: What does a Clinical Manager do?

Answer: “I maintain responsibility for administration  aspects of clinic including onboarding new clinical employees, training existing employees, facilitated communication with staff, as well as patients, create and uphold policies, maintain schedules which at times includes filling in where needed. Essentially, I manage all of the clinical-side business of the Clinic.  It’s hard to describe, I do what is needed!  Some days, I get to be a nurse, and other days I get to draw labs. The nice thing about being a nurse is that I can still enjoy the patient-care side of things!”  In learning more about Leslie, the Foundation has learned how much pressure she takes off her clinical staff which allows everyone to perform at their very best.

Question: What’s one of your favorite memories?

Answer: “We have one patient who is always afraid to get their shots.  She won’t schedule her appointments unless I’m there.  They’re almost a teenager now, but she seeks me out each time.  So I’m able to see people here and build relationships with people throughout different stages of care in their lives.”  The Clinic offers a personal approach to patient care that patients carry with them through all stages and needs throughout their lives.

Question: Tell us a story about your staff?

Answer: “I have hired people from the Hospital who are now on my staff.  I know that they will do a great job and give the best care to patients.  I have a great staff.  They really have a high level of empathy for our patients.  They truly care about our patients like they would treat their own family.  That’s what it’s all about: taking care of your community, friends, and family.  You spend more time with these people than you do with your own family sometimes in this role, and it matters that we all show up and support each other.  And sometimes, that’s a challenge to take care of each patient like they are your own child or grandmother.  But our staff is the very best.”

Question: How has the Foundation helped the Clinic over the years?  

Answer: “We have had staff who have needed assistance over the years, where that burden was taken off by the Foundation.  Either through the Hughes Family Assistance program, or a Scrub Hub gift card.  Even those gift cards, while it might seem like a small gesture, improves the professional image of employees so much.  This year, one of our staff members passed away.  The Foundation has been wonderful in giving the staff space to recognize this member by building a memorial swing.  It will help our staff decompress, and work on their own mental health through that difficult time losing a staff member.  The Foundation has given that us that serenity.

Swing at the Liberty Clinic

Education assistance through scholarships is also a large part of the services our staff has benefitted from, helping our staff deliver better patient care.  And then there’s the volunteer opportunities, that gives them a way to give back in a fun way!”

Question: How is health care evolving over the years at the Clinic?

“Since the pandemic, there has been a shift in the relationship between care provider and the patient.  Patients are just as fatigued and frustrated through their experiences, and we always need to keep that in mind.  Society has also changed, in terms of technology.   Patients want information as soon as possible and as convenient as possible.  They want their lab results back quickly; they want to be able to schedule appointments online without waiting on hold.  I feel that’s a good thing!  We are able to get things done in a quicker manner with technology, so we are able to get them the help they need sooner or the diagnose they need quicker to get care to support that either here at the Clinic or the Hospital.  I mean, in my career, the ability to go from paper charting to electronic and even dictating rapidly increases efficiency of our staff’s time.”

Question: What advice would you give to someone coming into health care?

“Nursing is a great career.  We have the privilege of people letting us into our lives and telling us things about them that they might not share with anyone else.  We can make such a difference in their lives, but they also make a difference in ours.  This profession is hard, and it goes deeper than someone might imagine to care for a person in that intimate of a way.  But there’s always ‘that one story’ that you carry with you that reminds you why you’ve chosen this career.  You might be someone’s only positive interaction that day. Remembering that privilege and honor is so important!”

Question: Why do you work for The Liberty Clinic?

Leslie volunteering at the annual Twilight at the TreeHouse 2023

This place has such a community feel.  We are able to work for the community that we live in, it’s a big-small town.  Even at a young age, my grandparents went to Liberty Hospital, and I grew up thinking of it being the ‘best of the best.’  After working here for many years, that it certainly still true. It takes the whole team to give the best care for a patient, and I believe that Liberty Hospital truly values each role that the staff play a part in patient care.”

Thank you for all that you do for the Hospital and Liberty community, Leslie!