DID YOU KNOW – Foundation programs have touched 1,416 lives over the past three months? We are excited to share with you the impact of YOUR donations, dollars, and time has had on the Liberty Hospital community.

Donors and volunteers like YOU made this possible. Please read below on how the Foundation is putting your dollars to work right here in the Northland.

– 110 guests utilized the TreeHouse as a ‘home away from home
Take a virtual tour of the TreeHouse and see first-hand how patient families can rest easy knowing they can stay close to their loved one.

Hughes Family Assistance Fund
– 26 employees in crisis received assistance for basic needs like; rent/mortgage, utilities, medical bills, grocery/food, childcare, and home repairs.

Click here to view our 2020 Annual Report to read personal stories of the impact you’ve made over past year for our healthcare heroes and our community.

Kyleigh’s Gift
Over 414 new families received SleepSacks for their newborn baby. Kyleigh’s Gift also provided:
– 87 meal vouchers for families with babies in the NICU
– 3 car seats and pack-n-plays donated when no other resources were available
– 6,900 diapers and one container of formula were distributed to new families facing need
– 4 families received bereavement support and utilized our Caring Cradles when facing a full-term loss
– 27 miscarriage care packages were given to women across Liberty Hospital

Patient Assistance
287 patients in need received patient assistance:
– 94 patients received transportation to and from appointments
– 13 patients provided with translation services
– 68 patients received assistance with essential medications
– 1 patient received co-pay assistance
– 85 patients were provided new clothing upon discharge
-26 uninsured Liberty Public School students received care/medications through Liberty Hospital Urgent Care
– 2 patients received assistance with infusion services

– 40 hours of bereavement services provided by Hospice staff
– 20 hours of Hospice trained volunteer services provided to patients and their families
(According to the Independent Sector, volunteer time is valued at $27.20 per hour…totaling $1,632 worth of time donated by Hospice volunteers in the last three months!)

LiveWell Grant Program
– Through our 4 Grantees, over 225 lives were touched through health and wellness programs/projects