Chef Yoshi

Chef Yoshi Kipper

Meet Chef Yoshi, the creative influence behind Liberty Hospital’s Cafe recipe creation.  Chef Yoshi has been in the food service industry most of his life.  From owning his own catering business, to serving school districts and many kitchens, he has landed at Liberty Hospital and has been serving patients, staff and the community for nearly four years.  In fact, he said, “I’ve catered thousands of weddings, I can’t even list a total it’s been so many!”  He has truly been a wonderful asset to our community for so many years that he loves running into past customers of his everywhere he goes.  During the Foundation’s annual Twilight at the TreeHouse, Chef Yoshi has become famous for his generous donation of catering services in our live auction, volunteers his time at our tournaments and is a supporter of the Foundation’s programs.

Question: What is your signature dish.

Answer: “That’s always tough one, because I like everything! It’s probably easier to ask me what I don’t like.  I’ve always said that the Hospital has the best and most cost-effective shrimp scampi in town!”  Chef Yoshi also added that they try to locally source their ingredients as much as possible as well, something he is proud of.

Question:  What do you love most about working at the Hospital?

Answer: “Reasonable hours and work-to-life balance.  Our shifts are balanced in 8 hours, guaranteed every other weekends off and no late-night work, which is almost unheard of in this industry.  There are incredible benefits as well.  Not to mention, the people.  I really like that the Hospital emphasizes the PRIDE values and that it is expected of all employees.”

Question:  What is a hobby of yours outside of cooking?

Answer: “My family loves to boat at the nearby lake, Smithville.  We’ve been going out there for 20 years.  We have a wake boat to do water sports with the family.

Question: What is an accomplishment you are most proud of in your career?

Answer: “It’s always nice to be able to give back.  I’m so happy to give back, like to the Foundation and others like Synergy House.  I used to donate my food to Synergy House and get the kids involved by teaching cooking classes, and life skills.  We all need to eat to live!”

Question: What is a challenge facing the food service industry?

Answer: “Inflation has definitely hit hard.  Going out to eat, even fast food, is super expensive.  Hopefully people realize that and understand here that our prices are pretty fair at the cafe.  We’re not here to profit, simply serve the community.  Supply and demand is also hitting us hard and I’m sure we’ll feel that for a while.  I just ask people, just like anywhere, to treat others how they want to be treated.  Be nice.  Be understanding.  Be patient.  That’s the most important thing to take away these days.  We’re all a team steering together!”

Question: What’s an update that you’re excited for at the Hospital?

Answer: “The new coffee shop coming to the main lobby of the Hospital is so exciting, and that will be run through food services and a new growing team member!  It will offer new options that we don’t offer in the cafe, so that’s an exciting offering.”

Thank you for all that you do for the Hospital and Liberty community, Chef Yoshi!