The past 12 months have been challenging, rewarding and a constant exercise in flexibility.   COVID-19 continues to change many aspects of how we work and serve our community.  By listening to the needs of Hospital employees, patients and our community, we have been challenged to adapt and quickly respond to the most urgent needs.  Whether it is volunteering for community-wide vaccination clinics (Operation Safe), providing morale-boosting snack-packs or increasing the scope of employee assistance, we have been thankful that we are able to see these needs as opportunities for Foundation staff and volunteers to serve in different and meaningful ways.

It is your support that has allowed the Foundation to ‘roll with the changes’.  Foundation programs have made a life-changing impact on over 7,133 people over the past year. Your support made so many things possible.  Please take a few moments to read just how your gifts have helped so many in the Liberty Hospital community.

Patient Assistance

In the past twelve months, 986 patients in need have received patient assistance:
– 406 patients received transportation to and from appointments
– 35 patients provided with translation services
– 259 patients received assistance with essential medications
– 1 patient received a Cardiac Rehab scholarship
– 224 patients were provided new clothing upon discharge
-55 uninsured Liberty Public School students received care/medications through Liberty Hospital Urgent Care

COVID-19 Relief

– 557 staff across 21 different departments received resilience training and exercises to combat COVID-related job stress
– 1,688 Care Packages have been delivered to our Liberty Hospital frontline workers TreeHouse
– 1,110 guests utilized the TreeHouse as a ‘home away from home’

Hughes Family Assistance Fund

– In the past year, 66 Hospital employees in crisis received assistance for basic needs like; rent/mortgage, utilities, medical bills, grocery/food, childcare, and home repairs

Kyleigh’s Gift

– Over 1,626 new families received SleepSacks for their newborn baby. Kyleigh’s Gift also provided:
– 376 meal vouchers for families with babies in the NICU
– 15 families received bereavement support and utilized our Caring Cradle when facing a full-term loss
– 104 miscarriage care packages were given to women across Liberty Hospital
– 29,100 diapers  were distributed to 388 families in need
– 14 families received assistance with necessary items such as car seats, pack-n-plays, breast pumps and formula

Professional Education

– 146 Hospital Employees received Stocksdale Family Educational Assistance funds toward coursework that leads to a degree or licensure/certification
– 5 Hospital employees received the Thomann Financial Services, Inc. scholarship that supports advanced degrees such as MSN and MBA
– 5 High School Seniors from Park Hill South, William Chrisman, North Platte, Liberty and Smithville High Schools received nursing scholarships
– 1 Hospital Employee received funding to pursue their BSN to RN degree



– 115 volunteers provided over 300 hours of service saving the Foundation approximately $8,790 in staffing costs
If you would like to volunteer for the Foundation, fill out this online form and let us know.  We have a volunteer role for everyone!