It may have been many years ago, but it’s the care Wil Lala received at Liberty Hospital that sticks with him and his family.  While traveling, Wil was in a deadly plane crash during a blizzard. He was not expected to survive and was brought to Liberty Hospital. With the care of many great physicians and nurses, Wil recovered from his grave injuries and even started walking again. He spent three months in Liberty Hospital and Wil said he owes his life to the Liberty Hospital staff that cared for him.

The Lala family continues to give back in honor of the amazing care their loved one received on that snowy day.  Through monetary gifts and a very generous art installation, the Lala’s are thrilled to have a way to honor those who saved Wil’s life. If you’d like to see Wil’s artwork, be sure to stop by and visit the installation located in Liberty Hospital’s MPE lobby.

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