The Northland’s only hospital hospitality house will be upgraded with support from The Mabee Foundation.

LIBERTY, MO. (April 4, 2023) – Liberty Hospital Foundation’s Branching Out capital campaign integrates The Mabee Foundation’s value that construction must improve a community. Nearly 50,000 patients and families have experienced the Liberty Hospital Treehouse’s inviting premises since 2005. Guest feedback guided the overdue expansion, design and furnishing upgrades to a user- experience standard. Liberty Hospital Foundation’s Executive Director, Michael C. Russell, CAE said, “It is unacceptable for exhausted patients to face a long drive or hotel stay that costs triple our suggested rate. We ease the stress of their medical issues by understanding the circumstance. This grant means the world to our families and patients and we are excited for this amazing partnership”

Liberty Hospital is the only comprehensive healthcare facility serving the Kansas City metro as far as the Iowa border. Michael Goeke, Executive Director of The Mabee Foundation said, “Knowing how The Treehouse kept its doors open during COVID-19 thanks to volunteers taking on extra hours shows that community changes the patient stay experience.” Other organizations, businesses and individuals have also contributed to reconstruct the ten bedrooms, private baths, open kitchen areas, two patio spaces, landscaped gardens, walking trail, and gathering spaces.

The Treehouse remodel parallels the Mabee Foundation’s conviction that forward-thinking construction can inspire the public. All upgrades are intended to avail The Treehouse’s untapped potential as a Northland resource facility. The disabled, those in treatment or undergoing procedures as well as their companions were kept in mind when selecting flooring, appliances, and furniture in the communal and private quarters. A WiFi café and en-suite multimedia will be added for entertainment while the nature trail’s extension will provide restorative respite. Additional modernizations are compliant with the American Disabilities Act to improve convenience for the disabled. Upon completion, motor-impaired patients can soon access The Treehouse’s amenities via entryways, and within the bath and kitchen areas.

Robust changes are planned to add presence and privacy within a lower-level meeting space for local support groups, a test prep kitchen for nutritionists to impart dietary methods, and a Patient Resource Room dedicated to the reality of cancer. Former beneficiaries, such as Suzanne from Mercer, MO say “It’s hard to put into words how much relief The Treehouse brought us.” The capital campaign remains underway with the goal of doubling guest feedback as a return on investment.

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The Liberty Hospital Foundation was founded to support patients, individuals, families and employees in the Liberty Hospital community in 1984. It funds and promotes programs to improve health, education, wellness and care. To learn about the Branching Out Capital Campaign and more, please visit the website above.