NCAPS Intern makes a real impact this Spring

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NCAPS Intern makes a real impact this Spring

Hi everyone! My name is Shayne Anspaugh and I have been the Northland CAPS intern at the Foundation this Spring. For those who don’t know, Northland CAPS is a program that works with schools and businesses in the Northland to provide meaningful real-work experiences. We work on projects the first semester and then second semester I  spend half of my day here at the Foundation. Every Tuesday from 12-2:30, you can find me behind the front desk at the Foundation office or around the hospital. As aSenior at Liberty High School, it has been a cool experience to get outside of school and see something real. It is special to me to exceed the expectations of being a student and getting to do things that matter. My experience here has taught me a lot and pushed me to improve. Next year, I want to go to college for media and be able to reach people like the Foundation does. I have been a Liberty native for my whole life and I love being a part of my community.

It has been a privilege to get to meet the leadership at the Foundation and see all the amazing work that goes on here and all around the Hospital. It has been really inspiring to work with the Foundation and to be a part of all we have been working on the past four months. I get to see and do so many different things. The Foundation gives back in so many ways and I only hope to continue that generosity I have seen here. Most days I see the behind the scenes details that go into running a non-profit. I have helped organize donors with a wide array of spreadsheets and put together mailing lists for thank yous and more. I also got to be a part of designing/updated the foundation website and social media posts.

The big project we worked on recently was the Liberty Hospital Half Marathon and Jewell5K. I have never got to be a part of planning something so big. We organized the event and had a booth that we talked to people about the Foundation. I got to see and help with a lot of aspects of planning it before and the day of the event. The race this year went great and we were able to raise a lot of money to help people, which is so cool to see how generosity of our community. The best thing I have got to be a part of because of the Foundation has been trying to start a Patient Ambassador program at the Hospital. I had the privilege of meeting a volunteer, Mrs. Betty, that visits patients around the Hospital with her ‘care cart’ full of books and magazines trying to brighten their stay.

As I close out my time her at the Foundation – we are finishing up a few final projects, which includes making videos for an upcoming Donor event. One thing that really hits close for me is the interviews for the Foundation’s High School nursing scholarships that are being held. I have loved my time at the Foundation and I have learned a lot! The smiling faces around the Hospital are great to see everyday. It has been amazing to meet everyone and get to help with real things, so thanks!


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