Meet Donna.  Donna is a 10 year cancer survivor, but still has daily reminders of her battle. Things like neuropathy in her legs and feet causing balance issues, and inflammation in her joints. These health issues, along with fitness goals, were the main reason Donna enrolled in the Cancer Wellness program.  But for Donna and her classmates, it became so much more than they ever imagined.

“Our class has become a group of friends that I care about, am concerned about and am thankful to have become acquainted with. Beyond that, the class has added value to my life in numerous ways.” — Donna Henderson

Thanks to a new initiative with Norterre’s medically integrated programs and the Hughes Family Assistance Fund, Donna was able to enroll in the program and not only survive after her cancer recovery, but thrive.

The medically integrated programs have been made available because of generous donors – just like you.  The Foundation is thrilled to be offer this program of support and to provide Hospital employees with the resources the need to continue on their path to wellness.

Do you have a story like Donna’s to share?  Let us know!